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As we begin to bid farewell to 2020 (some might say “good riddance!”), it’s the perfect time for reflection. One thing is for certain, this year challenged us all in ways we never expected. Even through the disruption, I’m pleased to say I remained committed to continually growing the thought leadership resources for the sales community, to help you ignite your sales and make a leadership impact. That included producing sales webinars, eBooks, appearing on industry and sales podcasts, and publishing this sales blog– which I’m proud to say was recognized as a Top 50 Sales Blog by Top Sales World for the third consecutive year.

From the dozens of posts in 2020, here’s a recap of the top 5 sales posts that most captured your attention and can provide you with important lessons you can bring with you into the new year.

The Future is Now: Top Skills for Sales Leadership 

Considering the dramatic disruption that we’ve experienced, these skills are even more relevant today than when I wrote it a year ago. As I talk with sales leaders and other organizational executives, some common themes emerge around the competencies, skills, and resources needed for modern sellers and modern sales leaders: Agility, “Stratactical” Thinking, Resilience, and Social Capital.

This list of skills for sales leaders below is by no means exhaustive, but it will expand your idea generation as you build out your sales organization.

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Productivity Tips for Modern Sellers

One topic that frequently arises in a new year is productivity. This blog post discusses why sales people aren’t as productive as they should be, top three to-dos for modern sellers to improve their productivity, three productivity don’ts, and my favorite hack to improve day-to-day productivity.

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Break Your Sales Pitch Habit and Create this Habit Instead

Thank you to Top Sales World for selecting this article as a finalist for the Annual Sales Awards “Top Post of the Year.” Most professionals talked about their product or service way too early in a sales pitch with a potential (or sometimes current) client. This blog post digs into why that happens, and what you can do to break this potentially relationship-killing habit. Instead of a sales “pitching” habit, professionals need a “business conversation” habit.

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Sales Prospecting: 5 Reasons Why Your Prospect Goes Dark

Sales prospecting can be perplexing. Just when you think everything is in place to land a big deal… poof. You begin to get the cold shoulder. Even the best sellers face this challenge from time to time. It’s maddening. In most instances, it’s our job as sales exerts and leaders to bring the client back from the brink. It’s in our DNA to compete and win. Build strategic relationships, deliver solutions, and get the business. Here are five reasons why your prospect goes dark.

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What is Self Leadership and Why Do You Need It

For most, the concept of leadership development involves the process of building leaders of other people—creating a connection between managers and the front line. Topics in a leadership development course might include communication, conflict management and delegation, to name a few. It’s not often though that we stop to look in the mirror. Have you thought about what it means to lead yourself? That’s self leadership, and it’s the most important pillar in the leadership development process.

What does it take to become a self leader? Below are five core qualities of self-leadership that anyone can hone:

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I hope you enjoyed these top 5 sales posts. I look forward to sharing more insights with you in the New Year. Happy Holidays, and here’s to your continued success as a modern seller!

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