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A strategy to help you move your opportunities through your pipeline more quickly is the ability to differentiate between a result and the value derived from the result. It doesn’t matter if this is an opportunity that is early stage or if it is something that’s a little bit further down the pipeline. Have you taken the time to sit with your buyer – or buyers – so that everyone is clear on what are the results that we’re looking to accomplish together, which are typically very tactical, they’re tangible.

And then the significance of why you want to pursue those results together. And a lot of times the value piece, the significance tends to run a little bit more deeply. It might be something of personal significance to the person or individuals who are making the decision to work with you, or it can be something of organizational value. Oftentimes it’s a little bit of both.

The more that you have clarity around not only the tactical or tangible results that you want to accomplish, but why it’s important to the people in the organization. You can use that in your sales conversations, your proposals and your presentations. It will help you stand out. Your buyers will really appreciate the fact that you understand both results and why it’s important, and you can move that opportunity to closure more quickly.

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