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I was talking with a client recently about how their clients’ buying patterns have changed, and we got onto the topic of return on investment (ROI).

In this short video, I share how ROI expectations have changed for clients, including the value they’re looking for. There are two key things to consider.

First, modern selling requires that you prove your ROI faster than ever before, now usually within 90 days. Gone are the days where you could take six months to show your value. Usually, this ROI comes in the form of cost savings and revenue generation. But another lever that came up in my discussion was time. Time is something we don’t always think of right away when it comes to a return on investment, but more and more our clients are prioritizing time saved.

Second, it’s important understand the client’s goals and the value they’re looking to gain from your product, service, or partnership. Have you established their goals and strategies, and what might be getting in the way? What two or three levers are they looking to move? The more clearly you understand this, the more quickly you can get to their ROI.

Watch the video now for more strategies on how modern sellers can prove their ROI.

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