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Sales enablement isn’t something that usually comes up on the marketing radar – but it needs to more than ever. As you look toward your 2018 sales and marketing activities, plan to take an hour to watch this LogMeIn webinar: 5 Best Practices For Marketing Conversions – Insider Secrets Sales Won’t Tell You. It’s available now on-demand.

In this dynamic discussion on marketing conversion, you’ll learn:

  • What the true definition of sales enablement is
  • Why marketing should care about sales enablement
  • What salespeople typically don’t tell marketers
  • How sales enablement needs to work for marketing success

Along with Impact Instruction Group’s Amy Franko, the webinar panel included Tony Hughes of RSVP Selling and Jessica Felts of LogMeIn.

Check it out. You won’t want to miss this engaging discussion and actionable tips..

View the webinar now >> 

For more Modern Selling tips, download Amy’s ebook, 6 Strategies to Maximize Sales Results or watch her conversation about B2B sales performance in this episode of Celebrate the WINS with Brandon Lee.

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