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COVID-19 has forced changes throughout the entire business world, making agility more important than ever. There are a lot of people in sales, leadership, management, and marketing that are going to have to pivot and adjust to the circumstances at hand, and ensure that they can approach these changes in the best way possible, without getting overwhelmed. That’s a key factor in agility. And while agility has taken on a whole new meaning in the short term, it also has long term implications. The ability to have an agile team and be agile as an individual is a top-five skill that organizations are hiring for today, and will continue to hire for in the future. Amy Franko explores how to be agile in business in this SalesPop expert sales interview, hosted by John Golden.

Some topics they discuss include:

The Dichotomy of Agility:
If you have a rigid mindset or way of doing things, it’s not going to support you in the future. Who knows what changes are ahead? When unexpected things happen, agility is the only thing that is going to get you through. A modern, master seller understands the dichotomy of agility.

A Hallmark of Agility:
Strategic speed is being able to keep momentum as you move towards long term goals, but also being able to meet short term milestones in the process. Most organizations know that they need strategic speed, but they don’t have it, which makes sense because agility doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Agility and Diversity:

Many times when organizations or companies are hit with a situation in which agility is necessary, their first instinct is to diversify. There might be some things that you can do tho shift offerings, or figure out how to move things forward where you can, but diversification is a long term process.

You can watch it now:

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