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Stay in Focus and Elevate Your Productivity with Modern Selling Lists

Time, motivation, discipline, and energy. If you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve written about these before. They are the “non-renewables.” With so many demands on our days, some specific approaches can help us to better decide where the resources get allocated.

Modern selling lists are one strategy for helping you focus on your most important activities– and elevate your productivity. These are more than typical “to do” lists. Several of can be used in collaboration with your CRM, and can give you that extra boost of focus.

This week on the blog, I share a few lists to get you started. I share more in my book, The Modern Seller.

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The 7 Sales Books Every Sales Professional Needs to Own

Statistics show that top business leaders read a book a week. They know…. you are what you read.

So, as a sales professional or sales leader, what books are on your bookshelf?

As I consider my own library, there are dozens upon dozens of titles in it you’d recognize. And some that you wouldn’t. Out of all my books, a handful jump out as having made the biggest impact on me as an entrepreneur, sales professional and sales leader.

These are the seven books I recommend for sales professionals and sales leaders. (And one bonus title.)

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Modern Business Development Skills for CPAs

As a former sales professional in the tech field turned entrepreneur and consultant, I’ve experienced this first hand. Selling an expertise is more complex than selling a tangible product because prospects can’t see it, touch it, or demo it. On top of that, in the professional services realm, we’re faced with new business development challenges brought on by the new sales economy– like commoditization, falling utilization rates, less loyalty in our client base, pressure to deliver faster ROI, and talent drains. To overcome those challenges, those in professional services need new skillsets.

In a new article for the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ CPA Now, I unwrap the five key skills behind the skills for building a better book of business as a modern business developer. You’ll find it at the link below. And watch for my podcast with PICPAs soon, too.

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Accelerate Your Sales Results Over the Next 90 Days with These Prospecting Strategies

If you’re like most sales professionals, you don’t love prospecting.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. A prospecting plan that’s strategic and worked consistently improves the quality and quantity of leads in your pipeline.

In my new guest post on the CloserIQ blog, I share four strategies for uncovering new opportunities with your loyal clients, and also opening the door with new prospects. I invite you to try them out over the next 90 days, and let me know your results!

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Podcast Roundup: Top Sales Podcast Appearances

I’ve said it before: I’m a big believer in life-long learning. With a very on-the-go lifestyle, I’ve come to enjoy and depend on podcasts as part of my own professional development toolkit.

As I launched The Modern Seller, I’ve also been able to “give back” to the podcast community as a guest on some of the top sales podcasts and leadership podcasts. It’s a role I’ve enjoyed. I’ve had the opportunity to chat with other industry thought leaders and share some of the sales strategies I’ve learned and developed that can help others accelerate their sales results. For today’s post, I’m sharing a roundup of seven of my recent sales podcast appearances.

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Generate More Sales Leads with Strategic Network Referrals

What are the people you know saying about your company, and you?

This article outlines several strategies to help you create a plan for increasing the number and quality of your referrals. As you’re reading, I challenge you to choose the strategies that will work best for you, or challenge yourself to incorporate a new strategy into your existing referral plans.

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Modern Sellers Leverage This Type of Strategic Connection to Grow Their Sales

As sellers build their sales and prospecting process, there’s one strategy I frequently see them forget: leveraging their peer referral network to help create new sales opportunities, new leads, and new business. In this week’s article, I’ll define peer referral network, and share five traits of those who make ideal network partners, along with a few strategies you can put into practice.

Ready to get started?

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Can’t Break Through to a Prospect or Client? Create Value with These 3 Sales Strategies.

Whether you’re a veteran sales leader or brand new to the profession, chances are good that at one point or another you’ve struggled to break through with a prospect. Or found it difficult to maintain a strategic relationship with a hard-to-connect-to client.

One of the best ways to accelerate your progress, and therefore your sales results, is to focus on creating and communicating value in every interaction.

When you create value, the prospect or client will remember you and want to continue the conversation. This blog post shares three strategies you can focus on to create value in every interaction.

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How *Not* to do Social Selling

LinkedIn can be a powerful social selling tool. But as Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker in Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

When I’m building relationships with potential clients, LinkedIn InMail and invitations are part of my social messaging rotation. These tools are very effective for background research and opening doors for that next step in a conversation IF they are used effectively. When done wrong, this outreach can very quickly shut down a conversation and a potential relationship.

Not long ago, I received a message that I’d file under the social selling “done wrong” category. On the blog this week, I take a look at the message and share tips for how you can be sure to not make the same mistakes.

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The new sales economy demands modern mindsets, skill sets, and tools to succeed. In The Modern Seller, Amy Franko explains the five modern selling skill sets that rise above the rest. As a special offer, download your chapter preview: The Modern Seller is Social.

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