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10 Sales Strategy Books Every Sales Professional Needs to Own

10 Sales Strategy Books Every Sales Professional Needs to Own

Statistics show that top business leaders read a book a week. They know…. you are what you read.

So, as a sales professional or sales leader, what books are on your bookshelf?

As I consider my own library, there are dozens upon dozens of titles in it you’d recognize. And some that you wouldn’t. Out of all my books, a handful jump out as having made the biggest impact on me as an entrepreneur, sales professional and sales leader.

These are the 10 books I recommend for sales professionals and sales leaders.

One Word to Start a New Decade

One Word to Start a New Decade

I once heard someone say that “individual days may feel long, but the years, they fly by.” How true that is! A new decade is this big, blank canvas where you can dream up the next 10 years. What will that look like for you, professionally and personally? What are the goals and legacy you’d like to be actively creating?

In my sales and leadership keynotes I talk about the need in today’s world to design your legacy looking forward instead of looking back. From exactly where you are today, you can choose to be an active creator of your life and legacy. That’s what I’ve come to look forward to about my annual One Word Tradition. Creating the anchor point I want to live by for the next 365 days.

In this week’s post, I share my One Word for 2020. Have you participated in the One Word tradition? If so, I’d love to hear your word and reasons behind it.

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