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I first shared this last year, and it had such a great response I’m sharing it again. The message of “sales freedom” is truly global, and I wish you continued success throughout 2024. If you’re looking to improve your sales strategy or overall sales performance, please reach out for a conversation.  


As the United States celebrates Independence Day this July 4th, I can’t help but be reminded of the freedom that a career in sales has afforded me. Outside of being an entrepreneur and owning your own company, there isn’t another career that lets you direct your financial success, your lifestyle, and your impact.

Whether you celebrate Independence Day here in the U.S., or you live in another corner of the world and celebrate another holiday, sales freedom is global. You’re free to:

1. Invest in yourself.
2. Own your mindset.
3. Surround yourself with positivity and eliminate negativity.
4. Celebrate and learn from your wins; bounce forward and learn from your losses.
5. Get out of your comfort zone, and make that one last call.
6. Work with high-value clients.
7. Live your best health, whatever that might mean for you.
8. Build the lifestyle of your own design.
9. Influence those around you in a way that helps them to succeed. This includes your prospects, clients, peers, teams, company, family, friends, and community.
10. Pay it forward by being a role model for the profession.

To your sales freedom and success!

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