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Welcome Chief Learning Officer Exchange Delegates!

As a Chief Learning Officer Exchange delegate, you are already a step ahead by preparing for the paradigm shift in this new world of learning. Roles are changing, and technology is changing the way learn, and the way we are offering learning.

We encourage you to subscribe to our bi-weekly Impact ezine in the right hand column of your screen to receive a FREE copy of our 2014 Learning & Development Technology Report. This report will help provide benchmarks as you are planning and implementing your strategy this year. You will also receive an email once every two weeks with related articles that are designed to help you and your company get ahead and succeed.

A few other areas of our site to review:

Services: Impact Instruction’s core areas of business include blended learning, eLearning, mobile learning and video, and visual design. Learn more about our solutions here.

Resources: Our resources section will provide you with the latest research, whitepapers and reports on topics including L&D technology, onboarding, leadership, and industry related trends data. You don’t want to miss out on this information.

Blog: Impact Instruction publishes blog articles on the most relevant industry trends on a bi-weekly basis. Check here to find articles of interest to your learning program, and be sure to forward them to your team.

L&D Services Overview: Looking for a quick download on who we are? Click here and read our overview that includes how we can help you, industries we serve, design & delivery methods, our methodology, case studies, client list, and recent awards & press.

We look forward to meeting you at the conference. If you would like to schedule a meeting with us while we are there, please email [email protected] and include Chief Learning Officer Exchange Meeting in the Subject.


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