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By Amy Franko

Competitive differentiation is one of the biggest challenges facing sales professionals today. Think about it. Our customers are busier than ever, have higher expectations than ever, and do more research on their own before engaging with us.  To thrive, we must rise above all of the noise.

Are you willing to elevate your game?

For the next article in our on-going series, 6 Strategies to Maximize Sales Results, we explore what it takes to step it up and stand out in sales. The article, written by my colleague Brittany Shonka of IMPAX, identifies three areas we should be pushing ourselves above and beyond:  research, presentation focus, and practice. “Showing up” is 80 percent of the equation. But it’s the other 20 percent that truly sets us apart.

What are you waiting for? Check out Brittany’s article to get started on your path to sales excellence.

This article is the third in a series of six on “6 Strategies to Maximize Sales Results.” The first focused on Growth Mindset, and the second addressed Intellectual Curiosity. Watch for the next one soon. The series is a collaboration among Amy Franko, Brittany Shonka (IMPAX) and Jen E Miller (Marsh & McLennan Agency)—to create a resource to help other sales professionals maximize results. The goal is to help you go farther, achieve sales success, and transform into top performers.

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