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We’re in a season of pivot, and for sales professionals and sales leaders, it’s all about agility.

I joined Darryl Praill on a new episode of Vanilla Soft’s INSIDE Inside Sales Podcast to talk about this next-generation selling skill.

Agility has always been an important skill, but in days like this, it rises to the top. Because when something’s not working, it’s the ability to see the challenge and pivot to a different approach that can be the difference between success and failure. It’s applicable to major organizational initiative, as well as any selling situation or sales conversation that you might be having.

Someone who’s agile can digest information, process it, and filter out the most important ideas and issues. Imagine being able to do that in a sales conversation. Your prospects and clients are likely on information overload. If we can filter and process for them and help them see the nuggets that matter most, we can move a sale further and faster.

You can watch this podcast to learn five tips to build your agile sales methodology:

  1. Take an improve class. If you are not used to being able to think in the moment and making a pivot, the good news is you can develop that skill. An improv class will, hands down, help you do so.
  2. Reframe failure. Everyone fails sometimes. Take the data points of learning from your failures, and set aside the emotional component to it.
  3. Seek continuous feedback. The annual performance review is  a rear view look. Agile sellers look forward for continuous feedback from leaders, peers, and coaches– and use it to get better.
  4. Be strategic with your speed. This requires a balance between focusing on short-term wins and long-term goals.
  5. Bust sales patterns. Our brain is designed to create routines. But there is a fine line between a routine and a rut.

Agile Sales Methodology

For more podcasts and other resources on empowering your inside sales, be sure to check out Vanilla Soft. You can learn more about agility and agile sales on my blog.

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