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Using Sales Data to Create the Outcomes YOU Want

Too many sales organizations don’t use sales metrics effectively.

On this episode of The Sales Leadership podcast, I joined host Rob Jeppsen to share how you can create value for members of your team with some tools you can use immediately to make a difference. Rob helps sales leaders leverage the four levers that lead to predictable, sustainable success at Xvoyant.

Some highlights from the Sales Metrics episode include:

12:30 How should sales leaders be thinking about data? (Amy’s data philosophy.)

16:15 How we can use data to empower teams.

23:00 Understanding if your working with your best customers and clients.

27:50  Why you need to have an expectation of what growth can look like.

33:50 What does good look like?

39:45 Using data to have a partnership conversation.

42:00 Two things sales leaders should do right now.

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