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If you’re a sales professional or sales leader who’s also a fan of podcasts, chances are you are familiar with Ian Altman. Ian, a renowned keynote speaker, business expert, and bestselling author, hosts a podcast called Sameside Selling where he tackles sales and business topics, as well as offers insight from industry leaders with proven success. More than 150 episodes are posted in his archive.

I had the opportunity to chat with Ian on a recent episode about Modern Sales and Marketing Techniques.

You can listen to it here:

Here are some topics we cover in our conversation about modern sales and marketing techniques:

  • The trends and cultural changes that affect today’s clients.
  • How a “transactional mindset” can hurt businesses.
  • Why outcomes are far more important than individual deals.
  • How selling to a poor-fitting company can harm your reputation.
  • Some areas that salespeople should focus on to generate better results.

You can also listed to episode 155 of Sameside Selling on:


Thanks to Ian for hosting me, and for providing the sales community with ongoing inspiration, entertainment, and actionable takeaway messages. You can follow Ian on Twitter to stay up to date with his podcast.

For more relationship tips for modern selling, tune into my podcast appearances on the B2B Growth Show, the Sales Evangelist, ATD Sales Enablement Podcast, and more.


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