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Social capital may never have a line item on a P&L, but modern marketers and sellers know their networks have more real value than they could possibly imagine.

Social doesn’t mean being the most outgoing person in the room or being glued to social networks. It doesn’t mean relying only on social selling techniques either. Today’s business environment requires you to thoughtfully expand your networks, to cultivate and leverage them in ways that go beyond traditional marketing and selling.

You’re never more than a couple of degrees away from a decision maker or person of influence. You’re never more than a couple of degrees away from being that person for someone else. Do you know how to find and make those connections, and turn kernels of a new relationship into a long-term loyal customer? A related concept is the importance being an ambassador.

Think of being a modern brand ambassador as living at the intersection of your customer’s aspirations, your product or service, and you. Whether you’re in marketing or sales, being a brand ambassador is must for success. An ambassador will completely internalize what they do. They find the right markets and customers, not just any customers. They know what their customers aspire to, and their customers are going with them on the journey long term. They innovate and grow along with their customers.

As a guest on the popular B2B Growth Show podcast, Amy Franko discusses a formula for success and tips to elevate strategic relationships for business results. Listen in here:

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