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Do You Make The Cut As A Modern Seller?

The Inquisitor podcast is produced by salespeople for salespeople for the ambitiously lazy sales professional. Delivering practical, real-world sales tips and advice to help you sell more, sell more often, sell to more people and sell for more money you will learn about the best practices in direct sales, sales management, selling to the C-suite, sales recruitment & predictive hiring in sales, how to prevent wrong hires, buyer-seller-manager sales psychology, enterprise selling, channel sales and channel sales management.

Amy Franko spoke with host Marcus Cauchi about The Modern Seller. She defines and explains each in detail. We investigate why lacking any of these qualities results in a weak pipeline full of maybes and call me backs.

We delve into why 83% of first meetings worldwide never result in a second meeting. Read that again. Most of the 4 in 5 of first meetings are so badly run by the salesperson they are not invited back. Consider the epic waste to your business. Sure, some may be qualified out by the salesperson but consider how much marketing, prospecting, lead generation time, money and resource is squandered thanks to unprepared, badly trained, inept salespeople.

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