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Few things in business and life are as powerful as a strategic connection.

This week I’ve had the opportunity to create new connections with four interesting, diverse, intelligent, and engaging people – and all from different parts of the world. We talked about topics ranging from board service, to team cultures, to how do we get more women into sales and leadership roles.

The paths to these connections were as diverse as the people themselves. Some traditional introductions from colleagues. Some via social media.

But the connections had something in common, too. I left each conversation with a renewed sense of energy and fresh ideas – knowing there are so many thought leaders using their creativity to solve challenges and inspire.

This set of conversations reminds me of what fuels me – connections with others and sharing ideas.

Why does this matter?  If you’re in a sales role or a leadership role, getting different perspectives and cultivating broader networks makes you more valuable to your customers and teams. You never know when that connection may lead to a center of influence – that could create a new opportunity or solve a tough customer problem.

From a leadership perspective, the conversations I had this week on diversity are giving me new ways to approach my board service, and also how I can better help my customers with their sales and leadership talent challenges.  It’s also making me a more well-rounded and engaged person.

Entrepreneur and angel investor Judy Robinett, author of How to Be a Power Connector, said in an interview something that has stuck with me.  She talked about how we need to get into a new room. We become so comfortable with the groups and people we’re around most often, that we need to push ourselves to get into a room with people who are smarter than we are, making bold moves, and have different life experiences.  We need to get a different world view.

What can you do today to step out of your room and make a new connection?

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