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There are two pieces to a sales conversation that if you put this into your process, you will have much more effective and more momentum gathering conversations in the future.

The first is the pre-brief. The pre brief is essentially thinking through the outcomes that you want to accomplish and mentally clearing the deck before you go into a conversation.

So many of us are running from meeting to meeting that we don’t necessarily have or take the time to simply clear our minds, get clear on the outcome of the conversation that we’re about to walk into. If you take just a minute or two to do this, and if you already have an agenda planned, the power of those two elements together will make your conversation so much more effective.

The second is the debrief. The debrief is the same activity, but simply on the end of the conversation. It is to take just a few minutes after the conversation, take down the points of the conversation that you felt were the most effective, and look for a way that you can improve the conversation the next time while it’s fresh.

Put the pre-brief and debrief into your next sales conversation process, and you’ll have a much more effective sales conversation.

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