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Amy Franko on the Sales Gravy Podcast

In this episode of the Sales Gravy podcast, Amy Franko joined host Jeb Blount to discus 5 critical skillsets of the modern seller. Topics included the importance of modern sellers having strong business acumen and an ownership mindset. They emphasize the value of being able to provide insight to executives based on knowledge of their organization, rather than regurgitating information that can be found online. They also discuss the importance of discipline and habits in maintaining success as a salesperson, especially when working from home. Finally, they touch on the rebirth of field sales and the importance of building strong relationships with leadership.

Some highlights from the episode include:

  • Instead of simply regurgitating information that can be found online, sellers must have a deep knowledge of their clients’ organizations in order to provide business insights that are truly valuable.
  • Ask provocative questions that create awareness of potential problems or opportunities within the organization.
  • Build strong relationships with leadership and even going as far as getting into the “bowels” of the organization to get a better understanding of what’s happening.
  • Modern sellers must also have an ownership, or entrepreneur, mindset. They should look at their sales territory as a business, and make decisions based on the top and bottom line as well as weigh risks and opportunities.
  • Discipline and habits are also crucial for maintaining success as a modern seller. For instance, you should build a strong plan, set goals, track your activities and metrics, and adapt to changes in the sales landscape.
  • Building strong relationships with leadership and being able to adapt to changes in the sales landscape.

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