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Disorganization can stifle productivity and creativity. I was pleased to join Victor Antonio on a recent episode of the Sales Influence podcast to share advice on how to “organize your spaghetti” and provide insights for today’s modern sellers and sales leaders.

Some highlights from the episode include:

[1:49] How I got started in sales

[2:39] The trials and tribulations of becoming an entrepreneur

[9:52] The importance of a business coach and someone who can help you from the outside looking in

[17:10] It’s not what customers know; it’s how they feel about what they know

[25:25] What’s behind The Modern Seller

[33:09] The line between business and personal

[37:25] What makes me mad

[40:50] What’s happening in the world of employee retention

[48:08] Big goals

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For more information on how to boost your productivity, check out this webinar on how to use agility to boost your sales effectiveness. And catch me on more sales podcasts here.


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