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Amy Franko on the Making Sales Social Podcast

In this episode of the Making Sales Social podcast, Amy Franko joined host Brynne Tillman to discus power of mindset in sales. Topics included the role of personal branding, strategic thinking, and relationship building in modern sales. As sales professionals, we need to focus on meaningful interactions and a curated approach to prospecting for more impactful results.

Some highlights from the episode include:

Value Equation and Personal Branding (00:03 – 04:47):

  • Amy emphasizes that in sales, the value of a product, service, or solution is tied to the value of the salesperson. A strong personal brand contributes to one’s business acumen and knowledge, ensuring that the value provided to clients is inseparable from what’s being sold.

Elevating Sales Strategy (02:46 – 03:22):

  • Amy points out that a shift in perspective or thinking can often lead to significant wins in sales. She encourages salespeople to look at things from a different angle, which can be the spark needed for change and success.

Making Sales Social (03:22 – 05:55):

  • Amy discusses her evolving definition of making sales social. She moves away from the idea that success requires reaching thousands of people and emphasizes the importance of building meaningful, strategic relationships using social tools like LinkedIn.

The Modern Seller’s Capabilities (05:55 – 08:45)

  • Agility: Sales professionals should anticipate changes and use their business acumen to help clients make better decisions.
  • Entrepreneurial: Salespeople should view their territories as businesses, making strategic decisions for growth and profitability.
  • Holistic: Salespeople should adopt systems thinking to understand the interconnectedness of decisions within and outside the organization.
  • Ambassador: Building loyalty through strong personal brands and nurturing relationships leads to more sustainable success.
  • Social: Being strategic and intentional with social relationships is key to effective prospecting and relationship-building.

Leveraging Personal Brand for Impact (08:45 – 11:15):

  • Amy discusses the significance of personal branding. A strong personal brand differentiates salespeople in a market with similar products or services. It also opens doors, builds credibility, and helps salespeople make a meaningful impact.

Mindset and Learning from Wins and Losses (16:04 – 17:59):

  • Amy emphasizes the importance of mindset in sales and how analyzing both successes and losses can provide valuable insights for personal growth. Taking responsibility for outcomes and seeking ways to improve are key to building a successful mindset.

Strategic Prospecting with Social Media (20:51 – 30:35):

  • Amy highlights the value of using LinkedIn Navigator to curate prospect lists and identify high-impact relationships. Leveraging your existing network for introductions and strategic partnerships can lead to more meaningful and successful interactions.

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