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The Sales Productivity Series with Amy Franko: Part 2

In this special series on Sales Productivity on The Sales Experts Channel, I’m tackling the sales conversation and giving it a makeover.

The candid truth is that you can’t have sales growth without strong sales conversations. Our sales conversations aren’t nearly as valuable as we think they are from the perspective of the decision maker, influencer, or buying group. Most times, they see less than 10% value in the time invested with sales professionals.

This talk will provide you with some “before” and “after” improvements that will help you:

  • Create stellar sales conversations that provide real value in the eyes of your buying groups
  • Maintain momentum in your top opportunities so you can close them faster and with more credibility
  • Establish the executive sales presence that you need to become a trusted advisor to your best clients and top prospects

You’ll come away from this conversation with specific actions you can take to boost sales productivity and overall sales effectiveness. Including:

  • How to earn time with your high-impact relationships
  • Types of sales conversations to use
  • The five steps in the sales conversation framework
    • pre-plan – success begins here – take the question mark out of who leads
    • lead the open – take the question mark out of who leads
    • dialog – a balanced exchange
    • summarize/close – momentum for what’s next
    • follow up – honoring commitment

You can click here to watch the webinar, or watch it below via The Sales Experts Channel. Registration is required, but it’s free.

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