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Prospecting. Cold calling. Interrupting. However you describe it, most sales professionals don’t love it. In fact, they’ll usually find a way to avoid it. When we avoid it, we don’t feel the pain right away – the pain shows up a quarter or two later, when our pipeline is empty.

In professional services, this is felt even more. It’s harder than ever to break through the noise and make the right connections. (Why? Read my past articles on trends caused by the new sales economy.)

But there are some tactics you can undertake to accelerate your sales pipeline with strategic prospecting.

In my new guest blog post on the CloserIQ blog, I deliver four strategies for accelerating your sales results over the next 90 days. You’ll learn how can you uncover opportunities with your loyal clients, and also open the door with new prospects.

Read it now.

Looking for more strategic selling tips? Watch this short video on how you can leverage the “ambassador factor” to become a successful, modern seller.



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