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The arrival of COVID-19 changed the way we live, work, and sell. My friend and fellow sales expert Tibor Shanto launched a video series to share insights on how to positively approach the times we are in. I was pleased to be his guest on a recent episode.

In our discussion, I offered three actionable strategies for selling through COVID-19—and beyond. All of them revolve around being agile, which of course is one of the five dimensions of being a Modern Seller. Here are some highlights, and you can watch the full, 8-minute video below.

First, if you’re agile, you’re a fluid thinker. You adapt quickly to ambiguity. You probably love the fast pace of change. When you’re agile, you’re seeing ahead of the curve, adapting and navigating through what’s next.

Agility is always an integral skill in sellers and leaders, but it’s especially essential during disruption. We have to not only be nimble in our decision making, but also in navigating the change curve–mentally, emotionally, physically. We become better at distilling information because we’ve worked our way through the change curve. That puts us in a better position to help our prospects and clients navigate it, as well.

If you don’t consider yourself to be agile now, the good news is that it’s a skill you can build. I put together three ideas that can help you practice agility, for yourself and as you are working with your prospects and your clients.

  • Reduce the noise. There is no shortage of noise out there. In the context of sales and client conversations, limit your own source of news to the thought leaders and sources you trust. Then distill that info and provide unique ideas, advice, and counsel to your prospects and clients. (I recommend The Sales Experts Channel, Top Sales World, and Women Sales Pros as helpful resources.)
  • Ruthlessly review your pipeline. I categorize mine in two categories, current clients and prospects. I reached out to each of them and I asked them, “What information will be most useful to you right now? What’s the most immediate thing that you’re trying and to solve for?” That gives me the chance to come back with specific ideas and resources, rather than trying to boil the ocean. If they know what they’re dealing with, then I can be a better service to them.
  • Get away from your desk and get in some physical activity. It will clear your head and make you ready to receive more information that you can in turn share with your prospects and clients.

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