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Corporate Learning and Development

Are you a training leader or line of business leader:

  • Responsible for business-critical projects requiring your employees to adopt new skills?
  • Struggling with limited time and resources to meet the training demands of your organization?

You may also be up against some of these challenges:

  • Career paths are changing more quickly than ever. Those coming into the workforce today will have an average of 5 careers over the span of their working years.
  • Employee engagement is often low. Less than 30% of people are truly engaged in their work. How does the other 70% impact your bottom line?
  • Competition is fiercer than ever. And not just competition for your products or services, but competition for your talent.

With that said, how do you create a company of people with the skills, enthusiasm, and desire to be the best, to make your organization stand out? How do you develop those skills that will increase revenues, profits, and competitive advantage?

Learning and development is poised to do just that. Investment in training directly impacts employee engagement and organizational performance – when it’s designed and implemented in ways that are fresh, interactive, practical, and tied to the business.

That’s where Impact Instruction comes in. Our mission is simple . . . to design custom learning experiences for business impact. To make an impact in today’s business world, the right learning experiences are the key to improved performance and results.

We can help you:

  • Determine the learning strategies that best fit your business goals and budget, so you can eliminate guesswork.
  • Create learning experiences across various topics and delivery methods, with intentional focus on real-world application and follow-up.
  • Manage capacity by becoming an extension of your team when you’re tight on training resources. This may be end-to-end design and development, or partnering with you on one aspect of a project. We work with your standards, processes, and templates – or help you design them if needed. The Impact Instruction team includes experienced instructional designers, developers, and project managers to help you successfully implement your projects.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to learning design and development, because every organization is different. We practice a blended learning methodology – this gives your organization flexibility and meets a wide range of learning needs. We work within your infrastructure, with your content and subject matter experts, so no re-inventing the wheel on investments you’ve already made.

Blended learning:

  • Mixes methods to serve different learning types for better effectiveness, enthusiasm, and results. Methods might be formal or informal, live or recorded, group or self-paced.
  • Combines delivery vehicles, such as instructor-led, e-learning, video, virtual classroom, and learning guides.
  • Offers content, activities, and follow-up that your teams can put into practice right away.
  • Creates lasting change and confidence. This can be achieved through additional practice, coaching, mentoring, and informal learning.

When you partner with Impact Instruction, you are working with a company recognized with a prestigious Apex Award for publication excellence in training design.

Learn more about the Impact Instruction Group Methodology and common solutions we design and develop.

What others are saying . . .

“It has truly been a pleasure working with Amy Franko Consulting. Their knowledge and expertise has helped my organization to both increase our utilization of and improve the quality of data collected in our CRM. She was able to bring the expertise from a number of her associates to ensure we were receiving advice and support from the subject matter experts. Running the cost analysis on our last project, it was not only more cost effective to outsource to Amy Franko Consulting, but the end result far exceeded our expectations and capabilities.”

Paul Marino
Operations and Service Delivery Executive

“Amy’s company took my Networlding learning materials to a whole new level.

I needed to bring Networlding content to our licensed facilitators in a way that was creative, engaging, and easy to teach our clients.

She took into account our business goal – a product set that could stand apart as a revenue stream for our facilitators, or be incorporated into existing client opportunities – and then created a complete solution.

The finished product, a set of facilitator and participant guides, exceeded all of my expectations. The activities alone make a huge difference in teaching the concepts of Networlding. My facilitators and clients have benefitted greatly from the overall design, organization, and instructional strategies. I was so pleased with the finished product, that it was entered into a design awards contest.

I would highly recommended Amy and her company for any training design needs.”

Melissa Giovagnoli
Best-selling author, Founder & CEO – Networlding

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