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If you’re part of a field organization, chances are you have an annual conference.  With budgets becoming more constrained for live events, you may be facing some of these challenges:

  • Participants are in sessions for multiple days in a row, and it’s difficult to retain and apply what has been learned.
  • Learning content and materials (often print-based), aren’t used beyond the event, plus there are costs associated with print materials.
  • You want to leverage the conference content and experience for new hires or as reinforcement for current employees, and you need a simple, proven way to accomplish it.

Conferences and live events present a prime opportunity to capture content, learning, and the overall experience – so you can leverage that investment beyond the event itself.  Our team can help you with:

  • Analysis:  Analyzing your event agenda and content to identify the best possible opportunities for post-event learning.
  • Technology:  Recommending the optimal delivery methods and helping you to implement them, including mobile apps, eLearning, performance support tools, video, and virtual classroom.
  • Materials Design: Designing and developing learning materials, optimized for use during the event, including post-event performance support.
  • Activities and Interactions:  Creating team building activities that leverage technology and align with conference themes and objectives.



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