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Video design and development is a trend that’s here to stay.  In fact, video is second only to live, face-to-face interaction when it comes to methods for keeping and maintaining engagement in learning. Plus, as devices and connectivity become more sophisticated, your learners will come to expect video as an integral part of learning solutions.

Video design and development requires a unique skill set that our team brings to your projects:

  • Recommendations on design approach to fit the audience, message, and learning needs
  • Script design and writing, with an instructional focus
  • Talent sourcing and coaching for both internal or agency-based talent
  • Visual considerations such as sets, props, talent dress, and stage blocking
  • On-set production expertise, including overall direction, equipment and crew, rehearsals and takes
  • Post video editing, finishing, and integration into other formats such as eLearning or mobile modules

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Learn more about our Virtual Classroom solutions, which blend the technical skills of eLearning, plus the design and facilitation skills associated with instructor-led environments.

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