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Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom is an option that bridges the in-person and virtual worlds by combining the elements of live facilitation with the cost-saving benefits of technology.  This method is ideal for a range of topics, from soft skills to functional training.

But the virtual classroom requires unique design and development skills set to combine those elements into a successful solution – it’s a blending of the technical skills of eLearning, plus the design and facilitation skills associated with instructor-led environments.  Our team can help you with:

  • Needs analysis: In-depth review of your audience, topics, and content to ensure best fit into a virtual classroom solution.
  • Instructional design: Content writing and activities designed to leverage your virtual classroom tools, promoting the best application and retention of the topics.
  • Template design: Design and development of facilitator and participant templates that fit the virtual classroom environment – including visual design, instructional layout, and incorporation of platform features.
  • Implementation and testing:  Within our project process, we will incorporate implementation and testing within your platform and LMS environments.
  • Train-the-trainer: We’ll help you to design the facilitation process, identify potential facilitators, and provide skills transfer of the course content, as well as facilitation techniques for the virtual classroom.

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