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eLearning, Video, and Mobile

Are you a training leader or line of business leader:

  • Responsible for learning and development initiatives for distributed employee or client groups?
  • Tasked with finding ways to maintain a high level of engagementandapplication, while reducing expense associated with classroom-based learning?
  • Challenged with integrating technology devices and tools with training to meet the demands of your organization?

Impact Instructions’s technology-based solutions are ideal for:

  • Reaching distributed groups such as field sales, agent organizations, healthcare providers, and retail associates
  • Improving the “stickiness” of live events, such as classroom training and conferences
  • Improving client experience with training on products, processes, and applications
  • Reducing expenses associated with travel time and lost productivity for learning initiatives
  • Providing performance support, accessibility, and updates through technology

Learn more about our technology-based solutions:

eLearning: We help organizations design creative, focused, engaging, and effective eLearning in the best industry standard tools.

Mobile: Our Mobile Solutions include best-in-class Learning Strategy Development and Mobile Instructional Design, Development & Implementation.

Video: Our world-class corporate video solutions include design, production, development and implementation.

Virtual Classroom: Our Virtual Classroom solutions blend the technical skills of eLearning, plus the design and facilitation skills associated with instructor-led environments.


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