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Field organizations are relying on mobile devices more than ever, for everything from client interactions, to internal company access, to personal productivity. Mobile presents a huge opportunity to deliver relevant learning content and experiences that assist field teams with skill building, overall productivity, as well as a sense of connectedness to peers, leaders, and their organizations as a whole.

With mobile devices including anything from phones, to tablets, to laptops, the challenges facing training organizations quickly multiply when designing and delivering learning and performance support.

Our team can help you leverage mobile learning in a number of ways:

  • Mobile Learning Strategy:  If your organization is at the beginning stages of mobile learning or planning a specific initiative, we’ll consult with you on the various aspects of an overall strategy including:
  •    IT and App considerations
  •    Identifying ideal content
  •    Audience needs
  •    Instructional design specific to mobile
  •    Development tools
  •    Performance support
  •    Sustainability
  •  Instructional Design, Development, Implementation: Our team can also partner with you on a project basis, including overall instructional design, development, and implementation of a mobile learning experience.  This includes needs analysis and planning, content identification and writing, instructional design and development, plus testing and implementation on your platforms.  This also includes considerations for iOS, Android, or other required functionality to fit your organization.

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