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When I think about where I want to make the most impact through my work, it’s hopefully inspiring you to be your best leader, and providing ideas you can put into practice to help you get there.

It’s my goal to continually publish fresh and valuable leadership content for you and our community of readers. To that end, I’m always looking at our analytics as one measure of what’s connecting with you.

I’ve been writing about leadership development for nearly a decade, so there’s lots of material to consider. Today I’m sharing three of my top-rated leadership development blog posts.

Inspiration is the Spark that Elevates You and Your Team

Have you ever had someone in your life that makes you feel as if there’s nothing you can’t do? Someone who moved you to be more and do more than you ever thought possible?

That’s inspiration… it can be hard to describe, but we know it when we feel it, and we know it when we see what an inspired person or group of people can do.

When we have leaders who are inspirational, we become connected to them, we see the possibilities of what a team can do together, and we can create amazing results.

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The Essential Building Blocks for Your Leadership Identity

In my work with leaders, I often talk about the need for leadership identity, and how that identity can evolve and grow as we do. A lot of questions come up. What is it? How do I create it? What does it mean to my leadership path and career?

So many great questions. We’ll begin by painting the big picture of leadership identity and its building blocks.

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View Your Career as a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder

For many of us, our beliefs around how our careers will unfold were hatched by watching our parents work at the same place for their entire career, and perhaps in only a couple of jobs that entire time. To a large extent their careers were planned. And if they were designated as “management material” they were swooped up, placed on the “management track” and away they went.

Our experience is now entirely different.

Today, when you walk in the door of a company there’s really no step-by-step formula or well-worn path to follow to your dream career or your leadership aspirations.  You design your path; you own it and are responsible for creating opportunities.

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