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The Modern Seller is Coming to Amazon on Tuesday, Oct.30

What makes a modern seller? That’s what I explore in my new book, The Modern Seller. The book will debut on Amazon on Tuesday, Oct. 30. (See below for details on how to get your copy, as well as some exclusive content.)

Amy Franko 5 dimensions of The Modern SellerIn my research for the book, I identified five core dimensions of modern sellers. These are the skillsets that modern sellers need to develop to sell more and increase their impact in the new sales economy. Modern sellers are agile, entrepreneurial, holistic, social, and ambassadors. Here’s what all that entails.

Growth mindset.
Continuously learning and seeing ahead of the curve.

Startup mindset.
You’re the founder and CEO of your book of business.

Productivity mindset.
Your time, energy, discipline, and motivation are your investments in success.

Connectivity mindset.
Cultivate mutually valuable and strategic relationships.

Lifetime value mindset.
You’re the bridge between your prospects, clients, organization, and community.

I describe each of these integral dimensions for success in the new sales economy in this video from my Modern Seller keynote.
Watch it below.

The Modern Seller is coming to Amazon on Tuesday, Oct. 30. If you buy a copy that day, you’ll be eligible to receive a free copy of The Modern Seller Workbook. Just email your receipt to [email protected]. In the meantime, be sure to download a copy of the free chapter, A Modern Seller is Social.

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