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If you have a new offering that you’re putting out into the marketplace, these strategies will help you to accelerate the sales growth and also the profit growth of that offering.

  1. Ensure that the sales team is very clear on the top line revenue targets, as well as the bottom line profit growth that your organization is looking to accomplish through the new offering. And then as they are analyzing their territory, identifying their top most loyal customers or their top most loyal channel partners so that you can then seed the product with those customers and partners.
  2. Create a seed program. By placing that product, that offering with those most loyal customers and partners, offering them additional incentives, offering them perhaps training and skill development, offering financial incentives, especially for your partners to sell that product through to your end user customers.
  3. Create a value sheet. This is different than a features and benefits type of sheet in that it focuses on the business value, the business impact that your new offering provides. This can help your customers to connect the value of making a choice to buy this new offering from your organization, or it can help your channel partners to better sell the offering because they are clear on value and won’t get locked into simply a pricing conversation.


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