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Why don’t accountants love selling?

Amy Franko appeared on The Woodard Report™️ Podcast, a weekly conversation that’s all about empowering business advisors to advance their practices and have a transformative impact on their clients. She joined host Heather Satterley to share business development tips so accountants can effectively attract and retain clients, ensuring the growth and sustainability of their firms.

Some highlights:

  • Accounting Added to STEM: Accounting has been recently added as a STEM discipline, emphasizing its evolving relationship with technology. (03:30-04:00)
  • Selling Skills for Accountants: Amy emphasizes the need for accounting professionals to develop selling skills and step out of their comfort zones to be successful. (06:00-06:50)
  • Five Critical Selling Skills: Amy introduces the five capabilities for effective selling from her book: being an ambassador, agile, and entrepreneurial are highlighted. (07:00-08:20)
  • Mindset Shift in Sales: Amy talks about the importance of a mindset shift towards business development and how everyone in a firm can be an ambassador. (08:30-09:30)
  • Developing Sales Skills in Teams: Amy advises firm leaders to reflect on their own journeys and experiences to help identify and develop sales skills in their teams. (10:00-11:30)
  • Identifying and Attracting Ideal Clients: Amy provides strategic and tactical advice for firms to attract the right clients, including creating client personas and understanding client attributes. (13:00-14:30)
  • Vertical and Industry Focus: Amy discusses the importance of firms focusing on specific verticals or industries to streamline operations and enhance growth strategies. (16:00-17:30)
  • First Steps in Growth Strategy: Amy suggests that firms should start by assessing their current growth and sales strategies and ensuring they have formalized plans and accountabilities in place. (20:00-21:30)

You can listen to this episode of The Woodard Report here:

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