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Catherine Lang-Cline of Portfolio Creative is one of Columbus’ rockstar business leaders, and I am so happy she invited me to join her on The Secret Art of Business podcast. Sometimes we are prone to separate business and creativity… but I love bringing them together because they do enhance each other! In reflecting about this discussion, I realized I have never really thought of myself as a creative person in terms of traditional art and design. But sometimes we need to change our own narrative. We are *all* creative, we just have different ways of expressing it! This was a fun discussion, and I hope everyone will listen in to it.

Some highlights:

  • Entrepreneurial Calling: A bit about my strong entrepreneurial calling and my pivot into entrepreneurship. It was a “winding road.”
  • Tapping into Leadership: How I get my leadership “fix” as a board director for the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland.
  • Tapping into Creativity: My entrepreneurial journey and transition into learning and development required a creative mindset. Creativity plays a crucial role in how I navigate through challenges.
  • Learnings from Sales and Client-Facing Roles: How sales equipped me with valuable skills in communication, relationship-building, and understanding client needs, which contributed to my entrepreneurial success.
  • Embracing the Importance of the Right Side of the Brain: This is crucial for unlocking creativity, intuition, and innovative thinking, fostering a holistic approach to problem-solving and personal expression. I fuel my creativity by being outdoors and traveling.
  • Finding Balance:  The importance of taking a moment to appreciate and enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.

I’d love to hear… how do you fuel your creative side?

You can watch this episode of The Secret Art of Business here:


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