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Leverage is an incredibly powerful sales strategy. At its core, leverage means taking one idea, one strategy, or one sale and expanding its results significantly without much additional effort. Here’s how it works in practice:

Expanding a Single Win:
One client of mine secured a new customer and introduced a new offering to them. By leveraging this single win, they worked with the customer to roll out the offering across all of the customer’s locations, multiplying their success from one sale into a broader impact.

Event Strategy for Lead Generation:
Another client utilized an event strategy to bring together decision-makers from a specific industry who face common challenges. By providing new ideas, innovative solutions, and valuable networking opportunities at these events, they created a robust lead generation (an possibly opportunity qualification) system from just a single event.

Networking Within Large Clients:
A different client focused on a large customer and the decision-makers within that organization. By facilitating idea-sharing and networking among these key players, they not only strengthened relationships but also created ongoing opportunities for follow-up and future sales.

The Takeaway:
Look for ways to apply leverage in your sales strategies. Identify that one sale, idea, or strategy and find avenues to expand its impact without expending significantly more effort. By doing so, you can amplify your results and achieve greater success with less additional work.


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