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When you develop sales enablement strategy centers of excellence, you’ll help your team sell more efficiently and more effectively.

I joined Diane Helbig on this episode of the Accelerate Your Business Growth Podcast to discuss the importance of sales enablement.

Some highlights from the episode include:

[1:37] What is sales enablement?

[3:30] Hiring and how to get the right people in the door.

[7:15] What are the components of a sales leadership development program?

[11:18] The right sales enablement structures and processes to help your sales professionals to be successful.

[18:53] Processes and tools that will bolster your sales enablement.

[21:10] The sales enablement best practices you need to know.

[32:23] The importance of nurturing client relationships.

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For more information on the elements of a sales enablement strategy, read this article. And catch me on more sales podcasts here.

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