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If you’re a training leader, department leader, or emerging leader, do you have access to real-world, executive-tested leadership content that is continually fresh, relevant, and easily delivered?

Usually the answer is no, not really.

Most enterprises have formal leadership programs, designed as invitation-only offers for certain levels of leadership. They may involve exclusive content and long-term contracts with outside experts. These programs absolutely have their place, and are important to developing an organization’s leaders.

But what about your high-potential emerging leaders? Those who may not yet be eligible for your formal programs, but still need to be engaged, retained, and developed – they often fall through the cracks. Imagine how being able to easily deliver and track leadership content that complements your existing programs could reach these groups, and make better leaders across your entire organization.

ELCircle can help you do just that – it’s the development hub for your emerging leaders.

If you’re a training leader, department leader, or individual emerging leader, ELCircle can help you reach your goals:

  • As a training leader, it’s likely difficult to educate the elusive emerging leader. It’s costly and logistically complex to get them all in a centrally convenient classroom. And if you do, follow-up is a challenge. ELCircle can be just the supplement you need to meet your mission.
  • As a department leader, you recognize that the education of your emerging leaders is your responsibility, with the help of your training department. Is attending a one-off class for some of your team doing the trick? Use ELCircle to start the conversations you must have to pass along leadership wisdom and grow your organization. With no complex infrastructure requirements, you can take the reins.
  • As an emerging leader, are you used to learning what you need to know when you need to know it? Whether you work on your own or in a traditional corporate environment, do you wait for the standard learning opportunities that come along or take the initiative? Give yourself a leg up with ELCircle.

Impact Instruction Group has a unique partnership with ELCircle and founder Jim Canterucci. Amy Franko is an ELCircle Advisor, delivering her insights and learning points on emerging women leaders.

With ELCircle:

  • Your teams will have access to some of the best leadership minds available, with current and fresh content.
  • Curriculum and delivery are all managed for you, delivered in a web-based video format for better consumption and application.
  • A rigorous testing and ROI process assures you that the affordable investment will be well worth it. You’ll reach your emerging leaders for far less than other leadership development programs.
  • You have a flexible membership–based model, with the ability to implement a certificate program, plus further customize programming with proprietary content from your organization.

Learn more about ELCircle with a free, no obligation trial membership.

ELCircle as a Supplement to Your Leadership University

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