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Sales people are a driven bunch. We’re always seeking to achieve greater sales, and do it in a more effective manner. One way to continuously stay on top of trends and learn new ideas is by reading blogs.

As an avid reader, I subscribe to several top sales blogs. Here are my six favorites—they provide regular, compelling content. Peruse the list, and be sure to bookmark  these sites, too.

  • Score More Sales by Lori Richardson – Former IBMers, Lori and I both cut our teeth in technology sales. She was also on the forefront of social selling. Lori’s blog is chock-full of information you can use to reach prospects, build strategic networks, and be more productive. I always learn something new from Lori, and I’m sure you will, too.
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  • Hubspot Sales Blog – No matter your position in sales or marketing, you’ll discover a plethora of tips and tricks in the Hubspot blog. It features posts by multiple thought leaders. I especially appreciate the eBooks and useful templates Hubspot provides.
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Updated to add a bonus seventh blog:

  • CloserIQ Blog – Thirty thousand people can’t be wrong. I’ve recently discovered a new favorite, The CloserIQ Blog. With an audience of 30k+ sales leaders, it’s been recognized as a top sales blog by Hubspot, PandaDoc, Drift , ZoomInfo and more.
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And a final shameless plug, I encourage you to follow my blog. With weekly posts on sales advancement and leadership development, my goal is to provide strategies to help you drive results for your business by focusing on your people. Watch for my first book later this year.

So, what are your must-reads? What blogs would you add to the list?

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