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I’ve been involved in B2B sales in a corporate environment and as an entrepreneur for my entire career, and I’ve started blogging on this topic a little more recently. In that time, I’ve shared my sales performance strategies here, as well as with ATD, Training Industry, and Selling Power.

A few weeks ago, I shared the most visited leadership blogs on our site. Today, let’s look at the top three Impact blogs on selling.

Six Strategies to Maximize Sales Results

Last fall, I teamed up with two other sales thought leaders to create this six-part series. We cover critical strategies like developing a growth mindset, improving your pipeline, and selling to the C-suite. We also packaged this into an ebook – make sure to pick up your copy.

For Lead Generation, the Magic is in the Follow Up

When you launch a lead generation campaign, do you have plans in place for follow up? In this post, I discuss a recent sales outreach I received gone awry. What started as a well-developed contact was left to fizzle. Follow up is a habit that will differentiate you. Bonus: this blog post includes a short video.

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How to Bridge the Gap Between Today’s B2B Seller and Customer

In the current climate, organizational success will become dependent on our ability to evolve. This article, posted on, shares some of my observations on today’s B2B sales environment, a profile of the modern seller, and how the learning function helps sellers connect to increasingly savvy customers.

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What other posts have given you tools and strategies to move your selling forward? Are there any new sales topics you’d like me to address? Please connect, and let me know!

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