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Entrepreneurs make an impact through the products and solutions they create.

But you don’t need to be an entrepreneur to benefit from thinking like one. The “entrepreneurial mindset” is a modern sales skill that all organizations need to develop to propel their businesses forward.

Why? Your customers need your sales team to become more entrepreneurial and use an entrepreneurial mindset to help them solve their toughest challenges. If your sellers have the skill to look beyond what’s right in front of them and instead operate from the bigger picture, they’ll position themselves beyond transactional selling. In modern selling, that’s critical. By using an entrepreneur’s vision and insight, your sales team can elevate their profiles to become a valued, strategic business partners to your customers.

As a CEO or sales leader, what can you do to empower this transformation and help develop an entrepreneurial mindset within members of your sales force?

Amy Franko shared four strategies on a guest blog for Columbus CEO magazine.

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