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Sales Managers: How To Build A Sales Plan

Sales Managers: How To Build A Sales Plan

When I think of a day in the life of a top seller, there’s a common theme. They invest their time in the right prospects, the right clients, and the right sales activities. In professional services, this focus becomes even more important, because many times they are balancing business development and sales along with client delivery.

How can you know what steps will move you forward faster, help you build strategic relationships, and accelerate sales results?

Having the right sales plan will help you get there.

In this week’s blog, I share strategies for building your sales plan for professional services. As a bonus, learn how you can receive your 2020 Planning Worksheet and The Modern Seller Lifetime Value Inventory.

The Modern Seller is Digital

The Modern Seller is Digital

In today’s world, how do sellers stay in front of prospects? On this episode of The Digital Influence podcast, Amy Franko discusses how social is the key to an effective sales tactic. Watch here:  For more information on digital selling skills, check out this...
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