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Destinations and Directions: Announcing and

Destinations and Directions: Announcing and

Three years ago, I made the decision on a new destination. I wanted to use my 20 years of B2B sales, leadership, and entrepreneurial experience in new ways. That led me to add sales training programs and sales keynotes under Impact Instruction Group, the custom learning solutions company I founded in 2007.

Those programs have taken off… so much so, that it was time for a transition, a different direction. You can now find my sales training, keynotes, leadership development programs, and resources at And we haven’t forgotten about custom training! We’re still here to support your blended learning, custom training and curriculum design needs at the new

I invite you to visit both new sites. As you’re planning your next sales kickoff or leadership event and see a sales keynote or training program that could fit, let’s schedule a conversation.

What’s Your One Word for 2018?

What’s Your One Word for 2018?

Words have power, and the most powerful words are the ones we use with ourselves. So each January, I decide on the One Word that I want to inspire and guide me for the year.

My One Word for 2018 will help me focus on the right risks, growth and opportunities. What is it? Read more in the article. And tell me, what’s your One Word?

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