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Sales Growth.

Develop High-Impact Leaders.


Sales Growth.

Develop High-Impact Leaders.

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The Modern Seller by Amy Franko is an Amazon Best Seller.



There are five next-generation sales skillsets that your organization needs to succeed in the new sales economy. The Modern Seller is recognized as a top sales book by Amazon, Top Sales World, and Selling Power. It’s available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats.

As a special offer, get four modern selling inventories straight from The Modern Seller. Each inventory assists you in sales and leadership growth: Client Lifetime Value, Strategic Relationships, Building Loyalty, and Creating Your Brand.




Amy Franko brings two decades of B2B sales, entrepreneurship, and leadership experience to every sales and leadership keynote. Her energy, learning points, and real-world strategies will make your next event unforgettable. Her keynotes are ideal for sales kickoffs, leadership conferences, corporate trainings and association events. Amy is recognized by Top Sales World as a global Top 50 Sales Keynote Speaker. 



"Amy delivered exactly what we were looking for – a keynote speech that provided practical insight into how to create the connection between the personal relationships we build and their impact. Amy kept the audience captivated and delivered a clear, simple message that provided powerful tools and actionable ideas to help our attendees build relationships of value that create lasting business results."

Karen Cantor-Riggi

President, Air Carriers Purchasing Conference, Inc.

“Wow! Amy Franko delivered an amazing keynote at our Sales Leadership Symposium. Her material resonated with our team. I expect to partner with Amy in the near future to collaborate, create, and plan for future impact on our sales communities.”

Jen Miller (@Jen_E_Miller)

Sales, Leadership and Strategy Expert / Senior Leader for Global Services and Insurance Firm

"Amy was great in helping The IBM Summit Program organize and define the strategy and task at hand regarding our enablement offerings. She is a excellent leader demonstrating strong facilitation skills and organization skills ensuring we identified the gaps and defined the content that is necessary for our program. Amy has managed to truly understand our issues and the immense complexity that exists with all the moving parts of the program."

Andres Quintana

Former Sales Manager, IBM

"Amy Franko presented at the AAM Conference in Portland, and I have to say, she was spot-on with her discussion on Building Strategic Relationships for Sales Results. Her delivery is such that it makes you feel like you're talking to a friend, not being lectured. The best part was her final comments on generosity with your time and your network. If someone earlier in my career had not been generous that way, I would not have had the same growth opportunities. Pay it forward!"

Susan Bell

Co-Founder and Senior Sales Director, vertical IQ

"Amy took the time to research SMPS and learn about our members’ industries to inform her keynote. Amy’s presentation on The Modern Seller was interactive, informative, and sparked creativity among attendees. We have received nothing but positive feedback, and we look forward to having her back."

Sara Goins, CPSM

Associate, Director of Marketing, Floura Teeter

"Amy inspired us to become Modern Sellers and look at sales through a new lens. She challenged our thinking and gave us relevant tips to apply back to our businesses."

Jessica Gliha

VP, Regional Marketing Director, First Merchants Bank

"Even if you think you are already a skilled networker, Amy Franko will give you quite a bit to think about regarding strategic relationship building and making the most of your networks. Amy will challenge the expert and the novice networker to ask whether you treat relationships with intent and approach social capital with the mindset of a leader. Her suggestions are creative, easy-to-apply and relevant to all generations."

Associate General Counsel

Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

"Amy’s keynote was full of energy, exactly on point, impactful, and resonated with us all … so much so that the takeaways remain with me today."

Beth Alloway

SVP Commercial Relationship Manager Huntington National Bank

"Amy’s Social Capital presentation was exceptional, from the ease with which she immediately commanded the room, to the way she engaged every participant throughout the presentation. She helped me reflect on my personal leadership legacy, and evaluate the manner in which I build relationships and how I should properly leverage them for maximum impact."

Government Affairs/Public Policy Professional 


Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

"Your presentation really helped us, and it gave me a push to refocus my leadership objectives for myself and the team I’m leading."

Juli Geyer 


Director of Marketing & Communications, United Way of Greater Rochester

“I truly enjoyed Amy’s presentation on building and leveraging social capital. I’m working on a couple key projects that involve bringing people on board to move the effort forward. I left the session with a list of people to get involved in these projects and a plan for strengthening the relationships in an intentional way.”

Associate General Counsel


Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

“Amy’s presentation was engaging and provided concrete examples of how to build social capital. She had some great tips to share. I would highly recommend her on this topic.”

Stephanie Union


Director, Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter

“Amy is a phenomenal speaker who captures your immediate attention from the minute she starts talking. Her leadership topics and content are robust, professional, and intentional. I always walk away having learned something new regarding how to better lead my team.”

Caroline Worley


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