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A New Video for The Modern Seller

Welcome back to the new Modern Seller video series. Each week, I’ll share strategies that you can put into practice as either a sales professional or sales leader. The series is a great companion to the book, which is available on Amazon and Audible.

One of the dimensions of The Modern Seller is Agility.

Most of us know… the annual performance review is usually a rear-view look. Performance conversations should be regular, expected happenings between a seller and leader. Those conversations are more forward-looking and drive better results.

The key is that modern sellers don’t hide from feedback. They actively seek it out, not only from their direct leaders, but also from peers, other leaders in the organization, and from their customers. It’s part of being agile.

Watch my new video on how you can put this into practice.

I’ll be back next week with a new video.

In the meantime, I invite you to watch my previous videos on building sales agility: filling in blind spots and developing strategic speed. And download a free chapter of The Modern Seller to learn more strategies for becoming a Modern Seller.

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