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By Amy Franko

A year or so ago, I had the great fortune of meeting Phil Gerbyshak on a Twitter chat. Phil is a well-established authority on social selling– and an all-around fun guy. We had the opportunity to chat recently on the topics of social selling and sales intelligence. Listen in! Some insightful nuggets you’ll take away include how you can:

  • Make friends first, and do business last– so your business lasts.
  • Take a balanced approach.
  • Offer value instead of volume.
  • Be authentic.
  • Use online tools to boost your sales intelligence.

And bonus: why wishing people “happy birthday” is an easy first step in building strong connections.

Catch our discussion here, and let us know if you have additional tips for social selling.

Want more information? You can also watch Amy and Phil’s discussion on sales and leadership.

Phil GerbyshakAbout Phil Gerbyshak:
Phil Gerbyshak is a speaker and a trainer, who delivers programs on the power of technology, social selling and connection. With a unique speaking style—part technology and sales expert, part entertainer—Phil keeps his audiences awake and engaged while providing micro-tactics to help you get more leads, earn referrals, and improve your business. When he’s not traveling, speaking, or making new connections, Phil writes. He’s published 5 books, including 10 Ways to Make It Great and #TwitterWorks, more than 2,500 articles, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Financial Times, and more. You can learn more about Phil at

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