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Research for my upcoming book, The Modern Seller, included dozens of insightful conversations. To create my vision of a modern seller and the most important dimensions needed for the new sales economy, I interviewed sales professionals and sales leaders around the country and across the globe. I mined my own experiences as a seller and entrepreneur. And, I researched the work of other sales and business experts.

As I was assembling patterns of skillsets, behaviors, failures, and successes, one word seemed to best describe these experts, sellers, and leaders. One word that also encompasses the other key dimensions of agility, entrepreneurial, holistic, and social.

That word was ambassador.

A #ModernSeller is an ambassador. Here’s how you can build a #sales organization of ambassadors and grow your sales results. @amyfranko @TrainingIndustr

Yes, ambassador. These modern sellers were all ambassadors. In a political and cultural sense, an ambassador is a bridge between two countries. A brand ambassador describes someone who’s fiercely loyal to a company or product, and uses their influence to create buzz and followers for it.

To be successful in the new economy, your sales team needs ambassadors, too. As a sales leader or sales trainer, you can help them evolve the necessary skills and tools.

In this article for Training Industry, I take a look at how to build a sales organization of ambassadors.

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The Modern Seller will launch on October 30, 2018. Watch for more details on how to get your copy soon. And in the meantime, be sure to download your free chapter, The Modern Seller is Social.

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