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Welcome to the final Modern Seller post of 2022!

I wanted to share my gratitude for having you in our community. Whether you engage regularly or just a few times a year, it’s my goal to bring you fresh ideas every time you visit. In today’s post, I’m sharing my most popular articles and podcasts of the year. I also invite you to add these year-end reflection questions to your sales toolkit.

As we bring 2022 to a close and ring in 2023, I wish you much success!


Tops Sales Blog Posts

What is Self Leadership and Why Should Your Sales Training Program Embrace It?

It’s not often though that we stop to look in the mirror. As a sales professional or sales leader, have you thought about what it means to lead yourself? That’s self leadership, and it’s the most important pillar in the leadership development process.

This article, which constantly ranks as the most-read piece on my site, shares five core qualities of self-leadership that any sales professional can hone. Starting with No. 1: Enthusiasm for learning.

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What Are the Elements of a Sales Enablement Strategy?

We didn’t hear much about sales enablement strategy until recently. Now, it’s a critical component of sales success. Very simply, sales enablement helps your team sell more efficiently and more effectively.

While there are many elements of sales enablement, in this article I focus on six that I believe to be crucial to the smooth functioning of the sales enablement system.

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Growth Mindset and High-Value Sales Opportunities

As a sales pro or sales leader, how fast do you bounce back from adversity? That may depend on growth mindset.

In this article, I share several of the tools and techniques that have helped me over time to spend more time in growth mindset, to remain resilient in an ever more challenging sales world, and to be ready for the next sales opportunity. To help you to decide which tools may work best for you, I’ve organized them into some key categories.

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Sales Managers: How To Build A Sales Plan

When I think of a day in the life of a top sales manager, there’s a common theme. They invest their time in the right sales activities for their team. How can you know what steps will move you forward faster, help you build strategic relationships, and accelerate sales results?

Having the right sales plan will help you get there.

Read how to build a Sales Plan.

6 Components of an Effective Sales Training Program

Shockingly, more than half of people in sales don’t have the right skills to be successful.

But making an investment in your sales force now will benefit the bottom line later. According to an ATD report, 84% of organizations felt sales training helped them meet their sales goals. In this article I share six elements to include in your sales training program.

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Sales Training Program

Tops Sales Podcast Episodes

The Sales Influence Podcast: Organize Your Spaghetti

Disorganization can stifle productivity and creativity. I was pleased to join Victor Antonio on a recent episode of the Sales Influence podcast to share advice on how to “organize your spaghetti” and provide insights for today’s modern sellers and sales leaders.

Watch now. 

The Sales Reinvented Podcast: Relevant Examples Are Key to Good Storytelling

What’s your story? Storytelling in sales helps you connect with your prospects and clients. It brings a situation to life and helps someone connect with your product or service. Stories also give you credibility.

Even if you are naturally skilled as a storyteller, it helps to continually learn skills to stay relevant. And, good news, if it doesn’t come naturally to you, it’s still a skill you can build and use successfully. I joined Paul Watts on this episode of the Sales Reinvented Podcast to talk all things storytelling in sales.

Listen now.

Sales Evangelist Podcast: How Modern Sales Skills Can Make You Standout

The modern seller is exceptional in their industry and knows what to do to add value to prospects, keep a full pipeline, and close more deals. But how exactly can we be modern sellers?

In this episode of The Sales Evangelist, I joined Donald Kelly to discuss what makes modern sellers stand out in today’s market.

Watch now. 

SMM Connect Podcast: The Sales Metrics That Every Manager Should Be Tracking

One of my new partnerships in 2022 was with Sales & Marketing Management’s SMM Connect. I was pleased to join Paul Nolan on the SMM Connect podcast to share highlights from a webinar I presented with SMM Connect on the most important metrics for sales managers to monitor.

Listen now.

Conversations with Women in Sales Podcast: Bet on Yourself and You’ll Always Win

Did you know women make up only 29% of sales reps and just 26% of sales managers? Yet women in sales are proven to outperform their male colleagues, according to a study done by Xactly. Inspiring women in sales has become the passion of Lori Richardson, who created one of my favorite organizations: Women Sales Pros.

I was pleased to join Lori on a recent episode of her Conversations with Women in Sales Podcast to share some of my favorite advice: “Bet On Yourself, and You’ll Always Win.”

Listen now. 

The Partnered Podcast: Integrating Partnerships

How can you integrate partnerships into different levels of the sales process? That’s what Adam Michalski and I discussed on the Partnered Podcast.

Listen now. 


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